Treadwell society

The Treadwell Historic Preservation and Restoration Society, Inc. was established in 2008 to stabilize and preserve the existing structures and buildings of the Treadwell Mine site on Douglas Island for the purpose of public access, education, and enjoyment.

The Treadwell Society’s vision for this unique historical setting is to preserve the mine site for current and future generations and provide an accurate portrayal of the scale of the mining operation and the story that unfolded at Treadwell.

The Treadwell Society will strive to maximize the potential of the Treadwell site to provide a coherent, educational, and interpretative experience that tells the story of the Treadwell – an important piece of Juneau’s history that has received little attention.

Our goal is to preserve Treadwell’s rich history and honor the pioneers who lived there and whose families stayed to build our Juneau-Douglas community.

The Mission Statement of the Juneau Parks and Recreation Department:
Promote recreational and cultural opportunities and maintain and enhance City and Borough of Juneau facilities and resources.
The Mission of the Treadwell Society is to:
Promote the recreational and cultural significance of the Treadwell Historical Park and Trail and work to preserve the physical remains of the site.

By working in collaboration with the City, through its Parks and Recreation Department, the Treadwell Society will assist with the preservation and enhancement of this historic piece of CBJ real estate.

Funding of the preservation of the Treadwell area will be from grants, contributions, donations, and in-kind services.

Current Treadwell Society Board of Directors

Name                                    Title                                                       Representing

Paulette Simpson                 President                                            Neighborhood (Linellen Heights)                                                                                                          

Mary Kay Pusich                  Vice President                                    Douglas Advisory Board                                 

Joyce Vick                              Secretary                                           Douglas 4th of July Committee

Gary Gillette                         Treasurer                                              City & Borough of Juneau   

Alec Mesdag                         Member                                               AJT Mining Properties, Inc.                                                   

Wayne Jensen                      Member                                               Gastineau Channel Historical Society

Jerry Harmon                        Member                                              Juneau Gold Rush Commission