In Memoriam

In Memory of David Stone

June 26, 1957 – November 20, 2012

“The world admires, and wants to hold on to, and not lose, goodness. It admires virtue. At the end it gives its greatest tributes to generosity, honesty, courage, mercy, talents well used, talents that, brought into the world, make it better. That’s what it really admires.”  -Peggy Noonan

David Stone
David Stone

David Guy Stone, 55, a longtime resident of Juneau, passed away unexpectedly on November 20, 2012 at his home .  David was an incorporator of the Treadwell Historic Preservation and Restoration Society and spent many hours on Treadwell Society projects.

David spent his youth exploring the tunnels and ruins of the Treadwell and AJ mines and in 1979 received his Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  In 1980, he co-authored Hard Rock Gold, a history of the three major mines in Juneau.  David served nine years on the Juneau Assembly and served as Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska State Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

David’s passion was mining. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of Alaska mining history and frequently made presentations on Alaska mining history.  He was a past president of the Alaska Miners Association, a trustee of the Alaska Miners Hall of Fame, and chairman 1993-1997 of the Juneau Historic District Advisory Committee.

David was a respected researcher and historian who used his gifts to educate and enlighten his audiences.  His lectures captured the spirit of Juneau’s early mining days and put us in touch with the soul of the people who founded our community.  He will be sorely missed.